Format: CD
Catalog: 92266
Rel. Date: 09/02/2003
UPC: 724359226606

The Other Side of Daybreak
Artist: Beth Orton
Format: CD
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Beth Orton's last album, Daybreaker, may have been a snooze, but it was a snooze on purpose. From its title, you might expect The Other Side of Daybreak to pull a 180 from its predecessor-maybe Orton will finally make that full-on dance album folks have been expecting ever since she began collaborating with the Chemical Brothers in the mid '90s. Nuh-uh. It's a remixes-and-alternative-versions stopgap, and it makes the original album sound like Led Zeppelin IV. Part of that is down to the remixers; only Roots Manuva (who remakes "Daybreaker" with his own rapping) and Two Lone Swordsmen (who turn "Anywhere" into frisky, light drum and bass) pick things up any. As inessential as most remix albums, unless Orton's voice happens to cast that certain spell on you.
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