Format: CD
Label: VAG
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Rel. Date: 04/03/2001
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From Here to Infirmary
Artist: Alkaline Trio
Format: CD
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''From Here to Infirmary'' is the third album by the Chicago-based punk rock band Alkaline Trio, released April 3, 2001 through Vagrant Records. It was their first album for Vagrant and their only album with drummer Mike Felumlee, who replaced previous drummer Glenn Porter. It was also their first album to chart, reaching #199 on the ''Billboard'' 200 and #9 amongst independent albums. Its two singles, "Stupid Kid" and "Private Eye", both charted on the UK Singles Chart, reaching #53 and #51 respectively. When Felumlee left the band shortly after the album's release, drummer Adam Willard filled in with the group on tour and appeared in the music video for "Private Eye", before the band found a permanent replacement in Derek Grant.

Reflecting on the album in a 2008 interview, singer/bassist Dan Andriano considered it a turning point for the band musically:


I would have to say ''From Here to Infirmary'' definitely started to shape things up with more of a straight up rock kind of sound. I think the previous two albums [(1998's ''Goddamnit'' and 2000's ''Maybe I'll Catch Fire'')] are really great, but are a bit meandering. I think [''From Here to Infirmary''] is when Matt [Skiba] and I both realized that we wanted to tighten the screws a bit, simplify things a little and focus more on punching you in the nuts with our rock; Metaphorically speaking of course.

</blockquote> - Wikipedia

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