Next up: Record Store Day Black Friday, Friday November 27 (9am-7pm) at Criminal Records.Here's everything you need to know about the day.It is our hope that these very important guidelines will help us get these records safely into your hands. We appreciate your patience and your support.

Ahead of Record Store Day Black Friday please take a moment to read through these guidelines. The safety of our team and our community at-large is our top priority and we kindly ask that you follow these guidelines on the day to help us to best serve you.

Friday, November 27: Store is open from 9am 7pm. RSVP: HERE.

- We are operating at a very limited capacity. From 9am-12pm we will operate at 5 customers at a time. After 12pm, we will operate at 12 customers at a time.

- You must wear a properly fitted mask/face covering to enter. The mask must cover your nose and mouth and be secured under your chin. The mask must be worn the entire time you are with us. This is non-negotiable. We do not allow the following face coverings: masks with ventilator ports, neck gaiters, bandanas. Please use the hand sanitizer provided for you upon entering. Please maintain a 6ft physical distance from others.

- If you are lining up outside, we ask that you wear a mask while you are in line and maintain a physical distance of no less than 6ft from others. Please do not block the entrances to other businesses and be mindful of pedestrians trying to use the sidewalks. The line should form toward the other edge of the sidewalk.

- All RSD titles are limited to one copy per title per person.

- All RSD titles are first come, first served. No holds, no reservations, no pre-orders.

- No bathroom access. Our apologies.

- Please come prepared with your list and be prompt with your purchases. We need to make sure that everyone receives the safest service as quickly as possible.

- Please be patient with others and especially with our team.

- A very limited number of titles/quantities will be available online(in addition to in-store) on the day at 1pm.


***These titles are intended for locals only and are available for in-store pick up only.***

Starting at 1pm on the day, you can shop RSDBF titles online: HERE.

No holds, no pre-sales, no shipping. Our apologies. Like all RSD titles, these are limited to one copy per title per customer. Duplicate transitions or attempts to buy multiple copies will be flagged and cancelled. Orders originating from outside the Atlanta Metro Area may be flagged and cancelled without warning. When checking out online, you can schedule the date and time of pick-up at check out. You do not have to pick up your order the same day. Your order will be held for you at the register until you pick it up. Just check our operating hours before you pass by. Our current normal hours are Tuesday-Friday 12pm - 6pm, Saturday-Sunday 12pm - 7pm. Mask is required for pick up. Please bring ID.

Thank you for supporting your local independent record store.

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Should you have any questions, please email us at