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'Oh Me Oh My' is both elegant and ferocious. It is stirring in one moment and a balm the next. It details histories both global and personal. Lonnie Holley's harrowing youth and young manhood in the Jim Crow South are well-told at this point - his sale into a different home as a child for just a bottle of whiskey; his abuse at the infamous Mount Meigs correctional facility for boys; the destruction of his art environment by the Birmingham airport expansion. But Holley's music is less a performance of pain endured and more a display of perseverance, of relentless hope. Intricately and lovingly produced by LA's Jacknife Lee (The Cure, REM, Modest Mouse), there is both kinetic, shortwave funk that call to mind Brian Eno's 'My Life in the Bush of Ghosts' and the deep space satellite sounds of Eno's ambient works. But it's a tremendous achievement in sonics all it's own.It's also an achievement in the refinement of Holley's impressionistic, stream-of-consciousness lyrics. On the title track which deals with mutual human understanding", Holley is able to make a profound point as ever in far fewer phrases: "The deeper we go, the more chances there are, for us to understand the oh-me's and understand the oh-my's." Illustrious collaborators like Michael Stipe, Sharon Van Etten, Moor Mother and Justin Vernon of Bon Iver serve as not only as choirs of angels and co-pilots to give Lonnie's message flight but as proof of Lonnie Holley as a galvanizing, iconoclastic force across the music community.
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Meeting at the halfway point between Bleach and Damaged, Unwound's 1995 self-titled album arrived years after the original trio of Vern Rumsey, Justin Trosper, and Brandt Sandeno made their Avast Studios debut. Compiling their EPs for Kill Rock Stars and Gravity Records with five more session outtakes, Unwound was released on Rumsey's Punk In My Vitamins as the band began flirting with the mainstream. Witness a band's prehistory as it plays out in a feral maelstrom of screaming, distortion, feedback, and abrasive promise.
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Songs of Pain is the first album by folk singer-songwriter Daniel Johnston, recorded on a simple tape recorder and released on Compact Cassette. This is the album's first time being pressed on vinyl. 

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Rilo Kiley

Take Offs And Landings

Vinyl: $30.64 UNAVAILABLE
Double vinyl LP pressing. At the beginning of the 2000's, Rilo Kiley was a fiercely independent band, having released an EP under their own Rilo Records label. But, even with only very minimal touring outside of southern California, their brilliant live show and excellent songcraft started to attract a fair amount of national attention in publications like Harper's Bazaar and Rolling Stone, and even some airplay on MTV. The band initially self-released Take Offs and Landings before signing to Barsuk, who promptly reissued the album.
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The Smile’s Europe 2022 Live Recordings. The release marks the triumvirate’s momentous debut European 30 + stop tour including illustrious venues such as London Roundhouse and Berlin’s Tempodrom and Primevera Sound, Barcelona.

Performed by Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood and Tom Skinner - The Smile.

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Prolonging The Magic [LP]

Vinyl: $30.27 Buy

MP3 Album: $9.99 Download

Prolonging the Magic, CAKE’s third studio album, is being released for the first time on 180 gram black vinyl. Remastered audio of the 13-track album includes “Never There,” “Let Me Go” and “Sheep Go To Heaven”.

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Endless Summer Vacation is the eagerly anticipated new album from recording artist, songwriter, and trailblazer Miley Cyrus. This collection is Miley’s eighth studio album, and the follow up to 2020’s album, Plastic Hearts. 2023 finds Miley the strongest and most confident she’s ever been, with the music and imagery of Endless Summer Vacation serving as a reflection of that. The album was recorded in Los Angeles and produced with Kid Harpoon, Greg Kurstin, Mike WiLL Made-It and Tyler Johnson.

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Money Shot

Vinyl: $40.22 Buy

Vinyl LP pressing. Reissue of the third studio album from this band led by Maynard James Keenan (Tool / A Perfect Circle), originally released in 2015.
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Ali Farka Touré


Vinyl: $34.50 UNAVAILABLE
Vinyl LP pressing. Ali Farka Touré is well known as one of the most influential and talented guitarists that Africa has ever produced. His legacy and impact are hard to overstate: Ali's sound merged his much-loved traditional Malian musical styles with distinct elements of the blues, resulting in the creation of a groundbreaking new genre, now well known as the 'desert blues', earning him 3 Grammy awards and widespread reverence. 'Voyageur' is the first release of previously unheard music since 2006's 'Savane', and features a collection of recordings captured at various points in Ali's illustrious career. The album, which features fellow Malian superstar Oumou Sangaré on 3 tracks, reaffirms Ali's status as a globally revered legend of African music.
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Landscape Tantrums Lost for two decades, the recent rediscovery of Landscape Tantrums the first attempt at recording the music that would become The Mars Volta’s De-Loused In The Comatorium revealed an important and hitherto missing chapter in the group’s evolution. Selfrecorded by Omar (assisted by Jon DeBaun) at Burbank’s Mad Dog Studios within a head spinning four days, Landscape Tantrums captures De-Loused in somewhat embryonic form, though much of what would make The Mars Volta’s debut album such an electrifying, sublime experience was already in place: the fearless invention, the fusion of futurist rock elements and traditions from outside of the rock orthodoxy, the sense of virtuosity working in service of emotional effect. From a distance, The Mars Volta must have seemed as if they were on a high when they walked into the studio to record what they expected to be their debut album (“I didn’t think of it as demos or a dry run,” Omar says). The group had recently played the Coachella festival to rave reviews, a vindication of the quixotic risk Omar and Cedric had taken, quitting At The Drive In to lead such an uncompromising musical proposition. Their debut EP, Tremulant, had similarly signalled their singular vision, and been rewarded with similarly positive feedback. But the truth was that The Mars Volta entered Mad Dog in tatters, scarcely believing anything other than failure lay within their reach. They’d recently lost their bassist, Eva Gardner, and parted ways with keyboard play Ikey Owens. Tensions were brewing with drummer Jon Theodore, too himself a replacement for founding drummer Blake Fleming Omar questioning Theodore’s commitment to the group. And sound manipulator Jeremy Michael Ward’s drug problem had gotten so far out of hand that he’d been sent to rehab, and wouldn’t return until two days into the Landscape Tantrums. The pressure upon Omar was intense, and it began to manifest in the form of physical and emotional breakdowns. His art was his life, but now he began to wonder if it was actually going to kill him. Under such heavy manners, miracles occurred at Mad Dog. Surely that’s the only way to describe the music contained on Landscape Tantrums, as Omar fashioned early versions of Inertiatic ESP, Drunkship Of Lanterns and Eriatarka that rivalled the Rick Rubin produced versions that ended up on De- Loused for intensity, precision and immediacy, as Cedric delivered a powerfully intimate reading of Televators, and as a bare bones version of the group sketched out the peaks of what would become their debut masterpiece in barely half a week, on a shoestring, and believing they wouldn’t last long enough to see it hit the shelves. Listening to Landscape Tantrums now, with the benefit of hindsight and the knowledge of what these songs will become, one notices Cedric has yet to fully find the voice that will lend The Mars Volta their devastating authority, that Eriatarka will evolve even further under Rick Rubin’s watch, and that the lyrics to De-Loused’s climactic chapter, Take The Veil Cerpin Taxt, have yet to be penned. But one also notices how lithe the group sound here, how hungry, and one appreciates the raw edge that Rubin would later polish to a venomous sharpness. More than mere historical curiosity, Landscape Tantrums is an essential text for the dedicated Mars Volta aficionado, and a breathtaking album in its own right.
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Mariah Carey

The Rarities [4LP Box Set]

Vinyl: $110.64 UNAVAILABLE

The Rarities is a compilation of fan favorites, rare songs and unreleased gems, all hand-picked by Mariah herself. Also included in this 4LP set is the full length audio from Live at the Tokyo Dome, Mariah’s first concert performance in Japan in support of her 1996 Daydream World Tour.

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Double turquoise colored vinyl LP pressing. Conditions of a Punk is the second studio album by Half Alive, originally released in 2022. It was preceded by the singles "What's Wrong", "Summerland", "Make of It", "Hot Tea", "Move Me", "Did I Make You Up?", and "High Up".
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Written and recorded in three days during the tumultuous summer of 2020, the Black Plight EP is Chicago multi-instrumentalist NNAMDĎ’s response to the police murder of George Floyd and the subsequent ignition of protests and demands for racial justice that swept the globe. 

In three explosive post-punk tracks, NNAMDĎ leans into the heavier noise-rock tendencies of his musical language to explore fundamental political questions of justice for Black Lives in “My life” (“My life / What’s it worth to you?”); his mounting anger against racist police violence in “Rage” (“They kill us dead in the street / Outside so everyone sees / They stand and watch while we bleed / Black with a capital B”); and an internalization and reverberation of a call to action in “Heartless” (“Can’t sit around and wait for something to change”)

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Pop Matters said that “Nnamdď's sounds are a testament to the continual melting away of genre distinctions in the current era of (particularly Black) music.” His extensive catalog includes covers significant ground in hip-hop, pop, rock, punk, orchestral, and experimental music. In 2021, NNAMDĎ expanded his freewheeling sonic explorations for an entrée into the world of pop-infused dance and electronica with the release of the Are You Happy EP on November 12, 2021. 

Notably, Are You Happy is the only NNAMDĎ project to date that he did not produce, perform, and record by himself. To the surprise of his fans, NNAMDĎ bucked that self-imposed precedent to work with Chicago producer Lynyn. Lynyn is the alias of composer Conor Mackey, NNAMDĎ’s longtime bandmate in the jazz-fusion quintet Monobody. Are You Happy released shortly before Lynyn’s 2022 debut electronic LP lexicon (Sooper Records), which went on to garner significant acclaim. DJ Magazine said that “lexicon is likely to set him apart as one of IDM's next visionaries”. 

Lynyn produced Are You Happy in its entirety, drawing on his extensive vocabulary of electronic music and masterful production chops to create the dense, finely detailed compositions at the core of the project. The songs on Are You Happy integrate IDM, drum and bass, dub, and a kitchen-sink of electronic genres resulting in one of the freshest and most singularly unique projects in NNAMDĎ’s extensive and shape-shifting catalog.

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Peggy Lee


Vinyl: $29.10 Buy

Vinyl LP pressing. Classics is a ten-track collection that features some of Peggy Lee's biggest hits, including "A Taste of Honey," "The Shadow of Your Smile," "Hey, Look Me Over!," "The Boy from Ipanema," "Big Spender," and "The Alley Cat Song."
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Dean Martin

All-Time Greatest Hits

Vinyl: $29.10 UNAVAILABLE
Vinyl LP pressing. All-Time Greatest Hitsis a 12-track collection that features some of Dean Martin's biggest hits on Capitol Records, including "That's Amore," "You Belong to Me," "Memories Are Made of This," "Volare," "Standing on the Corner," and "You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You."

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