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Criminal Records carries a large and diverse selection of music on many different formats. Vinyl and compact discs, primarily.  Cassettes, those, too.  We also carry plenty of DVD’s and Blu Rays, comic books, magazines, toys and lots of other groovy items.
Physical space limitations, however, prevent us from carrying all the stuff you want. Some of the stuff, sure, but not all of it.

If you need to know for certain if something is in stock before ordering, please feel free to give us a call at 404.215.9511 or e-mail us at team [at] criminalatl [dot] com to check stock.

Used Buying Policies

Criminal Records is interested in buying your used CDs, LP’s and Cassettes.
Criminal’s used purchases are based on a variety of factors including desirability, condition and current stock levels.
Criminal Records will only buy CDs that we believe our customers will buy.
Criminal cannot guarantee that we’ll make an offer on every CD that you wish to sell.
Criminal offers fair value in cash or store credit.
Criminal buys used CDs Monday through Friday only.
Criminal Records reserves the right to refuse any merchandise that we feel may be stolen.

Consignment Policy

Criminal Records will sell your band’s CD or Vinyl Record (7”, EP or LP) on Consignment.
The Consigner is responsible for determining cost of product and Criminal Records adds $1.99 to all consignment.
Criminal Record’s consignment period is for 90 days and Criminal Records is not responsible for any product after 90 days.
Criminal Records will not accept CDRs for consignment. Consignment product must be properly packaged.
Criminal Records reserves the right to refuse any merchandise that we feel does not fit our clientele.