Note On Availability

Criminal Records brick & mortar store carries a large and diverse selection of music, on the compact disc format. We also carry plenty of DVD’s, comic books, magazines, toys and lots of other groovy items.

Physical space limitations, however, prevent us from carrying all the stuff you want.

Our on-line ordering doo-hickey adds thousands of other titles from both major and independent labels to our in-store stock. Most nationally distributed compact discs, plus many import items, are available for purchase at

It is important to remember that the space limitations we face prevent us from having everything in the world in stock, Criminal Records is only 2,400 5,500 sq. foot after all. Most of the titles you want are readily available from our distributors, however.

While we strive to get them in stock as quickly as possible and most take only a few days, occasionally titles may take some weeks and many attempts through various distributors before we are able to acquire them. If you need to know for certain if something is in stock before ordering, please feel free to give us a call at 404.215.9511 or e-mail our mail order dude, Myles, at myles [at] criminalatl [dot] com to check stock.

At the same time, the database we use is provided by a third party and is generally very comprehensive when dealing with domestic releases, even including a number of import titles. As a result, while we pride ourselves on our ability to fill special orders, titles do appear which none of our distributors carry, thus making them effectively unavailable through us. Also, while we've found the database to be generally reliable it is not perfect. Stuff goes out of print all the time, it just happens.

Sometimes, items that are listed as out of stock in the database, are sitting right here waiting for you to take them home. You should definitely e-mail if you are curious, you can call, too. We’re pretty nice.

Please note that we DO NOT charge credit cards until items are in store and being processed for shipping. We do not charge upon receipt of order and we will not ship partial orders unless you have requested.

If you would like to pay using PayPal, please choose the PayPal option but DO NOT send us payment. Simply wait and we will send a PayPal money request to your email address when your order is ready to ship.